Complying with the occupational health and safety regulations has many benefits to your business.

  • If an employee falsely claims a hearing loss due to your workplace, which occurred prior to him starting, you will have documented proof against their claim. Without documented evidence it is very hard to disprove a claim.
  • If a hearing loss has occurred it will be picked up early and allow control measures to bew put in place.
  • Employees with good hearing are more productive and less likely to have workplace accidents.

Our staff are qualified to national standards and have over 15 years experience in the occupational healthand safety field.

  • We will bring our fully fitted mobile acoustic sound proof booth to your workplace to test your employees hearing.
  • Each test takes a maximum of 15 minutes, ensuring minimal lost production time.
  • Costs are comparable with external providers without lost time and transport issues.
  • Testing can be conducted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet shift requirements.

In line with regulations we will:

  • Provide the employee with a copy of the test results.
  • Provide the employer with a copy of the test results which need to be kept as long as they are applicable.
  • Keep the results confidential.
  • Make referrals where necessary.